Themes & Tasks



age: 6–9 years


A day for the family,
Everyday life in european families: During the week parents go to work and many children are taken care all day long. Often there is not much time in the evening left for common activities. For that reason it is important, to plan and organize familiy activities at the weekend exactly. How?




age: 10–13 years

  2-2 School of the future
Schools in europe differ a lot. How do you imagine a school in germany or in another european country, that you attend with such a pleasure, that you are sad when the holidays begin?



age: 14–16 years

  3-2 To chill or to plod?
Due to industrialization and technization the way of working changed in many professions. The scientific-technical progress shows its traces also in all areas of daily life. Develope an idea of your furture everyday life.



age: 17–21 years

  4-2 Work-Life-Balance – our offer
More and more enterprises offer their employees attractive options to arrange both family and work. Against the backdrop of european freedom of movement for workers you as employers want to be attractive for „High Potentials“ from whole europe. Inform the public about respective propositions of your company.

Project ideas to the above mentionned topics:

Module 1-1 (age: 6 to 9 years): project ideas "Opens external link in new windowA day for the family"
[PDF, 196 KB]

Module 2-2 (age: 10 to 13 years): project ideas "Opens external link in new windowSchool of the future"
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Module 4-2 (age: age 17 to 21 years): project ideas "Opens external link in new windowWork-life balance"
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