The “European Competition” is one of the oldest creative competitions in Europe and Germany. It has played an important part in the European integration since its inception. For over 60 years, hundreds of thousands of pupils have been working on European history, culture, values and policies – no matter what age they are or which school they attend.  With activities allocated according to their age, schoolchildren are enabled to methodologically and creatively work on projects, by painting, writing speeches, recording and producing videos, creating collages and presentations or else connecting and working together via eTwinning. With this call for creativity, the “European Competition” encourages childrens’ and teenagers’ interest and enthusiasm about Europe – this year on the motto  „United in diversity“.

eTwinning and the European Competition

Since 2012, thanks to support from “eTwinning”, one of the largest European online platforms for educational exchange, school classes from different countries are able to work together on all topics.

This collaboration takes place within an online classroom called TwinSpace. Here, students have access to various innovative tools such as blogs, wikis, video chats, online notice boards and many more. In addition to being creative and varied, working with “eTwinning” also encourages students to develop their skill set In media and languages and fosters intercultural learning.